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Air Beds vs. Futons
Air Beds vs. Futons

Air Beds vs. Futons
Manhattan Beach, CA - Every so often we get questions from potential customers about what's better - an air bed or a futon. The easy answer is air beds, and here's why:
1) Portability - When was the last time you tried to take a futon with you when you were going on vacation? Never. When you own a futon, you are commited to a piece of furniture. Air beds on the other hand can be deflated, and typically are packed up and live in a closet or under your regular mattress. Even the largest of air beds we offer, the Wenzel Ultimate Insta-bed (product 822712), deflates and stores in its own suitcase-like storage case, which has wheels and can be rolled to a nearby closet or out in the garage for storage.
Ultimate Insta-Bed Raised Queen Size Air Bed by Wenzel
2) Innovation - Remember that futon your owned 10 years ago when you were a college student? Well guess much, futons really haven't changed much. They are still a 6" lumpy mattress that sits on a hard wooden or metal frame. Then you need to buy a mattress topper, egg shell topper or memory foam to get it even close to being comfortable. Air beds on the other hand have come along tremendously in the last 10 years. Air beds used to be glorified balloons. Ten years later, air beds range from standard to raised, pillowtop to memory foam...heck they even make massaging air beds at this point. AeroBed and Intex have really led the air bed revolution, and the engineering is now so advanced, that there are some raised air beds that closely resemble a normal mattress and box spring combo.
Intex Deluxe Frame Queen Size Raised Air Bed with Back Rest
3) Weight - A futon mattress and frame can weight over 100 lbs. The heaviest air bed we offer is about 50 lbs, and it stores in a rolling case.
4) Brand names you can trust - Name one brand of futon...can't think of one can you? That's because futons are made extremely cheap and are sold in places that are "on the wrong side of the tracks." Seriously, the only store that sells futons is IKEA, and they charge an arm and a leg because they've put their name on the futon.Are air beds any different? Some aren't. You certainly recognize the AeroBed brand (sold on TV and at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens & Things). You may have also heard of Wenzel Company since they've been around for orver 100 years (if you've gone camping, there are pretty good odds that you slept in a Wenzel tent). only offers quality brands.
We've provided four reasons to purchase an air bed as opposed to a futon if you're shopping for a spare bed for your guests. If you are considering a futon, don't make that'll regret it. In fact, here's a fifth reason for not buying a futon - here's $5 off an air bed at Use coupon code "NoFutons". your home for great air beds and inflatable furniture from great brands like Aero, Wenzel Co, Intex, Air Cloud and Sumo Air.