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How To Shop for the Right Air bed
Determining which inflatable air bed is right for you.

King Sized? Attached Pump? AC or DC?

What is the right air bed for me? We’ve gotten that question many a time and it is always difficult to determine what’s right for someone else. After a while it became abundantly clear how to help making the choice of “the right” air bed easier – give the customers a comparison shopping list so they have the tools to make the right choice themselves.

Below is the list we’ve come up with. If you can think of other things, please let us know (it will only help us help future customers select the right inflatable mattress). We’ve intentionally left out items like color because though the color of the bed is certainly important, it should never be a deal breaker.

Here goes…

Intended Purpose

What are you planning on using the Air Bed for? Is this for camping? Is it occasionally used for guests? Is it used often for guests? Determine the use of your air bed because all other factors are based off the intended use.


What size mattress are you looking for? A twin? A full? A queen? Or a king? Though some may tell you otherwise, size does matter. If you plan on having two people sleep on your air bed at the same time, they would certainly be more comfortable on a queen or a king sized bed as opposed to a full or a twin. Also, consider the intended purpose and where you will be using the air bed. If you are intending on using the bed camping and have all the room in the world, then you can indulge yourself and get a larger size inflatable mattress. If you are using your air bed as a spare bed in a small room, then you may need a smaller bed like a twin or a full. Below are typical dimensions for beds (this is not factoring in height which we will tackle in a bit):

Twin - 75" x 39"

Full - 75" x 54"

Queen - 80" x 60"

King - 80" x 72"

These dimensions will vary slightly by brand/manufacturer, however they should all be in the same ballpark.

Pump Type

You may not be aware of this, but there are a lot of different types of pumps that could come with your air bed. AC (110 v outlet) or DC? If it’s DC is it battery operated or a rechargeable pump? Is the pump attached or detachable? If it is attached, can the pump recess or does it stick out? These should all be factors in your purchase which once again roll up into your intended purpose.


Honestly, price does matter. There is an old saying, “you get what you pay for” and in today’s world, it is very true. If something is so cheap that it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Are we saying you should only buy the most expensive air beds? No. Are we saying you should buy a cheap inflatable mattress? No. What we are saying is that a more expensive item is probably more expensive for a number of reasons – first some engineering and design went into the product. Second, the materials that went into the product are probably better. Third, if it is more expensive are there some bells and whistles that differentiate it from another product. Lastly, companies usually allocate a part of their profits into marketing their product. For you the consumer, this matters the least. You want the best product for you at the least expensive price.

Bells and Whistles

Yes, we mentioned them above, but what are bells and whistles in the air bed world? Well there have been quite a few innovations in the inflatables world in the last few years. First, the finish of the bed. Is it just vinyl? Does it have a cotton top, or is it a pillow top? Each of these matter based on your intended purpose. Do you have guests staying with you frequently or for extended periods of time? If so, you may want to consider a pillow top. Or is this just a spare bed for that one time a year you have people staying with you? In that case you are probably final with a typical vinyl or PVC air mattress. Do you need a raised bed or a normal inflatable (about 8” high). Once again, same rule applies. A raised bed gives you conventional bed height so your guests are not sleeping close to the floor. Are children going to be using the bed or adults? Though everyone spills, children are more prone to spilling things, so maybe you would rather have a vinyl finish (that can be easily cleaned with soapy water) vs. something that has a flocked finish (unless it is stain proof or water resistant). Also, a flocked finish will hold your sheets better, so if you intend to put sheets on the bed, you may want to upgrade to a flocked top bed. Do you need something multifunctional, like an air sofa that converts to an inflatable bed? Would you like a bed that massages? Those are available too. All factors in your purchasing decision.

After reading this, you probably have more questions, however if we are doing our job correctly, our product descriptions will answer them.

Happy shopping!